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Greeting From CEO

When you are at very bottom, there will be no other way.., you will going up…


Early 2020, pandemic Covid-19 is attacking without any early notification. It hit all over the world, it shut every economic activities down, even people is afraid or refrain to go out from their own home, the offices are closed down.


No exception, Pakarti bussiness also suffer the same, and worse is that the crude oil price is not recovered yet to “normal” price which make the company hard to find a new project, with the pandemic, all the expenses are rising up for taking care of the sickness. In order to keep the business activity, persons are allowed to Work From Home (WFH). This is align with company commitment on Health Safety and Environment policy

By mid of 2021, Pakarti as consortium member, won the tender for 5 years Rental service of Mobile Offshore Production Unit (MOPU) that will be located at South Madura sea. Pakarti will be responsible for the Operation & maintenance work, including pre-commissioning and Commissioning. And at the same time, Pakarti got two mirroring contract from PT. Pertamina Hulu Rokan (PHR) for 1 year.

Pakarti, having on going service contracts in several place, must be in operation to support our crew at Client worksite. A new work method paradigm need to be acquired by having the employee at their house, and the fact that the “show must go on”. WFH need to be effective to overcome our problem.


Company values “ Integrity, Professional and Team Work” is the key to the success of the continuous service to our Client. We able to maintain our quality service to our Client despite of pandemic. Even more, during pandemic, we are able to secure and perform several existing projects and a new project on Teluk Rendah Gas Plant Re-activation at Jambi with good and acceptance quality.


By mid of 2022, Pakarti has been appointed as partner in Operation & maintenance of Gas Processing Plant on Floating Production Unit (FPU) at South Madura Sea, for 3 years contract, including setting up all the start-up, operation and maintenance manual and procedure, recruitment, and training for the crew to ensure a safe and smooth start-up and operation.


Pakarti capable to convert the difficult situation to our opportunity to provide a quality service to our Client.


Pakarti always act, response and partnering with respect to “good business ethics”, because we believe that it will bring a sustainable, mutual benefit and long term relationship.


Let us know your problem, and we will find solution for you. 

Priyo S Brodjonegoro

President Director

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